Transflo Velocity

Get Paid Fast With TRANSFLO Velocity

  • Transflo Velocity immediately delivers your invoice and load paperwork to the broker
  • Your invoice goes directly into the payment process
  • Ability to confirm that your invoices arrived for processing with the confirmation number provided
  • Because the broker receives your invoice and paperwork electronically, you GET PAID FASTER!

How to get started:

Transflo Velocity FAQ’S

Why should I use these?

These are our preferred delivery methods so you can GET PAID FASTER.

I fax and/or email today, can I still do this?

Transflo Velocity, Mobile+ and Express are the preferred delivery methods. With these processes, you are provided a confirmation number giving you the ability to see what you sent, when it was sent and when it was DELIVERED to us. No follow up calls needed to inquire if the documents were received, no lost paperwork.

What is the cost to me?

The service is free.

What do I need to scan at the Truck Stop with Transflo Express?

You must use our Cover Sheet with the appropriate barcode on it to send in the documents.

Where can I get the Transflo Velocity or Transflo Mobile+ Software?

You can go to your smart phone store or to and download it for free.

Once I download the software, what do I need to do?

Once the software is installed, it will open to the Registration Information screen where you need to fill out the registration information fully.

  • Enter the Broker/Recipient ID: NET6V
  • You will receive a Registration Email after submission.

Can I send paperwork and invoices for multiple loads all at once?

No, you should send only the loads associated with the specific invoice/load being sent.

How do I know that you received the paperwork?

A confirmation email will arrive confirming delivery of the documents or you will receive a receipt at the truck stop. You may also use the unique confirmation number to access the documents online for 30 days at

How can I get additional help with the Transflo Velocity product?

Please call Customer Support at 866-503-5707, or email them at Hours of operation are 830-530E, Monday through Friday.

If I want to continue to mail, can I?

We strongly encourage you to use one of the Transflo scanning methods for submission so you get paid faster. If you must mail, please send to our new PO Box: PO Box 9349, Louisville, KY 40209

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